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When to Hire a Rhode Island Estate Planning Attorney

Do I need to Hire a Rhode Island Estate Planning Attorney

Best Rhode Island Estate Planning AttorneyEstate planning is an essential process for all people. Unfortunately, many people put if off until it’s too late. And when they do start to get serious about it people don’t have the information and expertise they need. That is why it is such an asset to have a Rhode Island estate planning attorney to rely on. Instead of guessing about some of the biggest decisions you will ever make, you can take advantage of experience, insights, and objective advice. If you’re not sure when or if to make contact, look for these signs that you could certainly use a Rhode Island estate planning attorney, let Jay Bianco provide you with the peace of mind that comes with hiring a competent, experienced, and well regarded Rhode Island estate planning lawyer!

My Estate isn’t that complicated: Do I Still Need an Estate Planning Lawyer?

Many people operate under the mistaken belief that unless their estate is worth millions of dollars, they do not need a Rhode Island estate planning attorney. This is a big mistake because estates of any size are complicated, contentious, and consequential. You want to be sure that your last wishes are carried out. The only way to do that is to make legal plans in advance. Jay has been helping families of all wealth levels secure their descendants future!

You Feel Overwhelmed With Estate Planning & Details

Many people assume they can handle estate planning on their own. And while there are DIY steps that can be taken, the simple fact is that the estate planning process is confusing and complicated. All it takes is just one document to be improperly filled out or filed, and it can have consequences for the entire estate. A Rhode Island estate planning attorney can explain and simplify every step of the process so that you and your loved ones can feel confident your wishes are being honored. Reading an article or how to guide on estate planning isn’t sufficient, the safest thing to do is to hire an experienced estate planning lawyer. Jay Bianco has helped people navigate all different types of estates, from the simple and straightforward to complex and highly specific, find out how we can help!

Hire the Best Rhode Island estate planning attorney

It may be a mistake to call any estate simple or straightforward. But there are undeniably some that are more complicated than others. If you have very specific needs or wants in regards to your end of life care and the distribution of your assets, a Rhode Island estate planning attorney is a big help. They can take every step to see that your estate is handled exactly as you dictate.
If is never too soon to contact a Rhode Island estate planning attorney. Call the Law Office of Jay Bianco at 401-206-0098 today.