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Rhode Island Inheritance Laws: What You Need To Know

Using Rhode Island Inheritance Laws to Your Advantage


Rhode Island Inheritance & probate lawsWhen it comes to Rhode Island inheritance laws, you are either a winner or a loser. There is no middle ground. Rhode Island inheritance laws can work to your advantage if you know what to do and you act in advance. Conversely, it you do not make plans ahead of time, Rhode Island inheritance laws can put your estate in jeopardy and directly work against your wishes. Here are some strategies all state residents should follow.

Set Your Priorities

There is a lot that is involved with passing an estate from one party to another. This is true even in the simplest cases, and it becomes especially complicated with an estate involving a business, multiple heirs, or contested assets. Rhode Island inheritance laws will dictate how an estate is distributed unless a plan has been explicitly defined in advance. That means you will need to start thinking about what your estate includes and who you want it to pass to after your death. Working through the details in depth can help ensure that Rhode Island inheritance laws do not affect you and your family unexpectedly.

Start Early

You have probably heard this before, but it always bears repeating – it is never too soon to start estate planning. Life is full of unexpected incidents. And you never know when Rhode Island inheritance laws will suddenly become relevant. No matter what age you are, what kind of health you are in, or how large or small your estate may be, you should put some plans into action as early as possible. The people who have problems as a result of Rhode Island inheritance laws are often the ones who put off estate planning.

Find an Attorney

A lot of people assume that they can handle their own estate planning. But inevitably something is overlooked and Rhode Island inheritance laws end up having unexpected and unwelcome consequences. The best way to cover all your bases and ensure that the law is working for you rather than against you is to work with an experienced attorney. As an experienced estate planning lawyer, Jay Bianco can help you create an estate plan that perfectly reflects your wants and needs. Both you and you family enjoy a greater peace of mind as a result.

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