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Signs You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning AttorneyYou know that at some point in your life you will need to work with an estate planning attorney. But many people make the mistake of seeking out counsel too late. Their estate proves to be more complex than expected, and they have to rush to make big decisions at a time when they would rather be focused on other things. Just as important as the estate planning attorney himself is the timing of the hire.

The reason that these decisions are made too late, or in some unfortunate cases not at all, is because many people misunderstand what is included in their estate. Often they are larger than expected. And depending on what is included, they can be a lot more complex than people realize. Diving into the details is a conversation that is best had in person with an estate planning attorney. But for now, be aware of signs that you will definitely want to work with and estate planning attorney:

You May Need to Hire A Providence Estate Planning Attorney If

  • You have been in two or more marriages
  • You own one or more businesses in whole or in part
  • You own property in more than one state
  • You have a family member who is disabled
  • You have children who are under the age of 18
  • You have children who have been in trouble with the law
  • You have no children
  • You intend to leave some of your estate to charity
  • You have assets tied up in 401ks or IRAs
  • You have recently filed for divorce
  • You lost a spouse or other family member recently
  • You have an estate that can be taxed by federal or state governments

There are probably a few entries on this list that surprise you. And there is probably more than one that applies to you. That means your estate is likely not as cut and dried as you had expected. Instead of moving forward uncertainly, consult with an estate planning attorney at your earliest convenience. Contact the Law Office of Jay Bianco at 401-206-0098 to have an informal but in-depth conversation about your estate and your intentions.